Get Finance

Are you going to use all of your funds to purchase a business, or would you prefer to use someone else’s cash?  A blend of the two is usually the norm, but every situation is different.  We help our buyers put together the financial package that can seal the deal.  Here’s just a few of the services we can help with:

  • Introductions at the appropriate levels to the major banks
  • Highly competitive rates from commercial lenders
  • Access to non-mainstream lending.

The appetite for commercial funding is growing in all sectors as the economy strengthens and the business environment becomes less daunting for the banks.  Your decision to borrow or self-finance can have an impact in many different ways, and a discussion with us beforehand can throw up some interesting options for you to consider.  Getting the financial requirements right at the very outset is a crucial part of your business plan and is something we are equipped to advise you on.

Get in touch today and see if we can help.