A Property Business in Spain?

Written by: Sean Mayers on August 16th, 2019

Is it your time to make a monumental change and buy a business overseas?

If you run a UK-based property business, you’ll be all too familiar with:

  • Racing to the bottom on agency fees.
  • Scratching around to achieve 1% fee listings.
  • Giving away free management to attract a landlord.
  • The government taking away tenant fee income.
  • Increasing regulation.
  • Staff demanding higher basic wages.
  • Cold and rainy weather!

Have you ever looked at Million Dollar Listings and envied the fees the brokers earn, when Ryan, Luiz and Frederick take a 5% or 6% fee for having the listing and finding the buyer?

Then, it’s time you looked overseas to Spain!  Why not invest in a business where:

  • 5% fees are the accepted norm.
  • You can get a buyer fee of 2.5% by introducing your buyer to another agent’s listing.
  • You can still charge tenants a fee!
  • Rental management commissions are accepted at 15% – 25%
  • Holiday let marketplace offers lucrative commission opportunities.
  • Self-employed sales staff are widely used.  Commissions are high enough to make this viable.
  • Did we mention the weather?

At BusinessResale, we have some exciting options for you.

Firstly, we are representing a client with a stunning sales-led operation in Southern Spain.  Around 1000 listings (plus access to other agent’s stock!), selling an average of 20-25 properties per month (at proper fees!), 20 or so staff, fabulous office environment, very strong branding, highly systemised lead generation and sales process.  Turning over €1.75m per year with excellent net profit of €850k.  Get in touch to discuss how this could work for you!

Secondly, we are working with a superb high-end brand franchisor to help expand both their UK franchise operation and to place franchisees into Spain, France, Portugal, etc.  Top-drawer product set, huge international presence and the kudos to attract high fees.  There are some stunning opportunities available both across the UK and Europe.  The franchisor is looking for entrepreneurs to take on large territories and build multi-branch networks.  So, if you’re looking for a brand and support in order to cold-start overseas, this is for you.  Alternatively, if you’re a UK agent looking to add a differentiator to your office, get in touch and see if this could be the boost you’re looking for!

A place in the sun, a business in the sun, and proper rewards for a job well done!