About us

Buy-grow-sell.  Show me an alternative?  Okay, buy-shrink-sell, create-grow-exit, buy-plod on-drift away!  Some are more attractive options than others, but we like the buy-grow-sell model.  It’s simple, it makes sense and in reality it’s what the vast majority of business owners aspire to achieve.  What does ‘sell’ mean?  Outright sale, partial sale, management buy-in, place under management?  To us, we like to think of it as helping the business owner to achieve their exit plan.  You may be clear on your exit plan and you want us to broker your sale, find you the buyer.  Great, that’s what we do best!

Businessresale hosts a national network of business specialists.  Our advisors are experienced in a host of fields, from previous (and current!) business owners to corporate executives who now bring their experience into the business resale and growth marketplace.  All our offices are independently owned and operated, so the advisor that works with you is self-employed, but with the backing of the national network of like-minded associates.  In other words, if they don’t help you buy, grow or sell, they don’t earn.  However, we do things properly and always act in your best interests.

  • Top Quality Advisors.  We only allow those with proper experience to join our team.
  • World-class resources.  Our website wins awards and is maintained daily by experts.
  • Attention to detail.  Your business properly marketed, your buyers carefully nurtured.
  • Confidential.  We can keep your sale under-the-radar.

Why businessresale?  Well, we’ve bought, grown and sold businesses before and we know that the process can be quite tortuous.  Everyone knows where to go on the web to buy a house, but what about buying or selling a business?  There are some niche brokers out there who are pretty good within their fields, but with some niche costings as well!  At the other end of the scale, there’s a site or two that can list your business but you have to do all the work of being the broker.  We cover the middle ground, reasonable fees, top-class expertise and a nationally (and internationally) recognised brand.

We focus on all three areas, buy, grow and sell.  To help you achieve maximum value for your business, we have no option than to be expert at all three.  So wherever you are in your business lifecycle, we have the resources to help.